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How To Effectively Clean Carpets in San Diego

Just Water = Clean Carpets?  Don’t Believe ItCarpet Cleaning in San Diego

By Rob Beckerley

President, Ace Janitorial Services, Inc.

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As I drive around San Diego to do janitorial service bids and check on carpet cleaning jobs, I find it fascinating to listen to any of my competitors ads that run on the radio.  The current ad on heavy rotation locally here in San Diego promises to clean your carpets with water and water only.  Although they try to sell this concept to the best of their ability it just doesn’t wash.


First, let’s think about our everyday lives.  Would you wash your hands with just water?  Your hair?  Your face?  No, of course not, we all use soap to get and feel clean.  What about your dishes?  Your clothes?  Again, the answer is NO.  We all use detergents and soaps to clean  our dishes, clothes and more.  Hot water itself is just not enough.


Now let’s think about your carpets.  Carpets are usually the dirtiest thing in your house.  It is where all the dust, dirt and food falls and ends up on or in.  It is continually walked on with shoes and feet, usually the dirtiest part of your body or attire.  Above we thought about things in our life that we clean with soap or detergents daily or after any use, but carpets are much dirtier than anything else in our home and we only clean them once or twice a year.


So something as dirty as carpets that our only cleaned periodically need the help of soaps and detergents to truly get them cleaned.  At Ace Janitorial Services, Inc. we pre-spray your carpet with the best cleaners, then we shampoo them and lastly we steam clean them with a little detergent and hot water.  This process leaves your carpets looking and feeling fresh and clean.  Carpets just like your clothes and dishes and everything else you clean in your life need a little soap and detergent to get them truly clean.

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Rob Beckerley is the founder of Ace Janitorial Services and has quickly grown the company into one of the premier janitorial services in San Diego.

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