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Here are some quick and simple household cleaning tips for those stubborn cleaning problems.

1. Unwanted cat hair – Use a wet rubber dish washing glove on your hand to rub over surfaces and quickly pick up cat hair.
2. Removing dust from lamp shades – Dusters and vacuum cleaners don’t seem to work on cloth lamp shades. Try using a lint roller all over the shade and the dust will be gone before you know it.
3. Use white Vinegar to clean and refresh your coffee pot. Your coffee will tastes better than ever.
4. Try using baking soda to remove odors from plastic food storage containers. Wash them in hot water with two tablespoons of baking soda.
5. Use rubbing alcohol to remove stubborn price tags from items such as plates and glassware. Use a cotton pad to apply and the sticker and its gooey mess are gone in a snap.

Check back later for more commercial cleaning tips and tricks from Ace Janitorial Company.

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