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Best Vacuum To Use For Home & Office Carpets

Magic Vacuum

By Rob Beckerley

President of Ace Janitorial Services, Inc.

Home of Ace Janitorial Co. and Ace Carpet Cleaning Company

Ace Janitorial Services, Inc. has been serving San Diego County for 12 years now.  In my time I am often asked by clients to give a recommendation of a good vacuum cleaner.  Often the complaint about their current vacuum is it doesn’t pick up everything on the first pass over the debris.

In our 12 years in the janitorial business we have tried and used many vacuums.  We have used many brands from  Sanitaire, Power Flites, Pro-Team ,Netflisk and more. We have used many kinds of upright and back pack vacuums and unfortunately none of them pick up everything on the first pass. So, is there really a “best vacuum?”

Vacuuming, like many areas in cleaning, are only as good as the operator.  To thoroughly vacuum your home or office you need vacuum heavy soiled areas over and over until it comes clean.  We in the janitorial world have searched for the magic vacuum to help increase efficiency in our cleaning process but have yet to find it.  Hard work and attention to detail by the janitorial staff is what will keep your office and home looking good.

For homes we prefer the Dyson brand vacuums.  They are easy to operate and maintain.  It is important to empty the debris bin or bag regularly no matter what vacuum you use.  This will help keep good suction.  Also, periodically check hoses and brushes for debris.

For offices we suggest Sanitaire uprights with a dirt cup (bagless) and with 50 foot cords and plastic.  They have a solid industrial style vacuums, as well as easy to use and maintain.

If you are tired of vacuuming your office or if your office is not being vacuumed or cleaned properly contact Ace Janitorial Services, Inc. today!

About Rob
Rob Beckerley is the founder of Ace Janitorial Services and has quickly grown the company into one of the premier janitorial services in San Diego.

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