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5 Daily Commercial Cleaning Tips for San Diego Businesses

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San Diego is well known for its beauty and healthy lifestyle. Whether you’re working in a small or large office in America’s finest city, it’s important to match that level of quality by maintaining a clean work environment. When it comes to commercial cleaning services in San Diego, Ace Janitorial Services is always your best option. But what about in between visits from the cleaning professionals? Here are 5 daily commercial cleaning tips for your business that everyone within your organization should practice on a daily basis.

  1. Always tidy up at the end of each day. Pretend like you’ve got a client coming in and you want your desk to look clean and organized. After all, a sloppy desk could translate into sloppy work. Wipe off your desk with a damp cloth and remove any coffee rings, food crumbs, or sand from your morning surf left behind.
  2. Leave no trace of snacks at your desk. As many amazing restaurants as there are in San Diego, it can still be challenging to tear yourself away from your computer on a busy day so sometimes eating at your desk is a necessity. Once you’re done, dispose of all wrappers, plates, utensils, etc. This will keep your office more sanitary and avoid any visits from pests.
  3. Wake up and smell the roses. That’s right, not only will flowers create a more fragrant appeal to your office space, but there’s also proof that both flowers and plants can help promote productivity in the workplace. Employees may also care more about their work space and want to keep it presentable.
  4. Clean by example. Sometimes you’ve got to be the one that’s running with the torch (or duster) to get others to follow your lead. Designate a weekly Friday cleanup and send out reminders to the staff to wipe down their desks with disinfectants and clean out the fridge. Believe us, Mondays will be a lot more pleasant when you have a nice clean office to walk into.
  5. Treat your office like it’s your home. As the saying goes, “There’s no place like home.” And we couldn’t agree more. Is your office so clean that you’d actually be willing to spend the night there? Or would you be willing to invite company over? Taking as much pride in your place of business is just as important as your place of residence.

Scheduling regular cleaning services from the experts is key in maintaining a healthy and clean work environment. Professional cleaning services are actually more affordable than you may think. And the less you leave behind for us to do will also help keep the costs down. Our cleaning services go beyond general maintenance and we get down into the deep cleaning that may be unseen by the untrained eye.  Call to schedule an appointment today (858) 270-7004.

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  • Rhianna Hawk
    Rhianna Hawk

    My boss announced yesterday that he’s planning on looking for a commercial cleaning service to clean up our office areas every weekend, and because we have a particularly messy office space, I think that your tips will be great to pass on to the team for how to keep things tidy in between cleanings. I really like the idea of using roses to spruce up the place in terms of scent and aesthetics, and it’s interesting to learn that they actually promote productivity. I did read something about that idea that a clean and well-decorated space is more likely to stay that way because people won’t want to mess it up, and it’s cool that it works for office spaces as well as for neighborhoods.

  • Penelope Smith
    Penelope Smith

    I liked that you pointed out that you should try to tidy up every day. It might be a good idea to hire a janitorial service to help with keeping your whole office clean. That way, you don’t’ have to do everything yourself. Also, having a professional do the cleaning could make your employees happier.

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